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Content Gorilla Review 2019 - Opinion Of A Real User
If you want to know how to make money online in 2019 you are in the right place. In this article you will find the right way to completely automate your content creation and SEO your website on top of google.
This is a software which converts ANY Youtube video into a fully formatted blog post in 60 seconds!
With this Content Gorilla Review you will find the right guide to make money online in 2019.
The Creator Of This Software
The owner of this product is Neil Napier. Neil began writing copies and his obsession with internet advertising grew from a straightforward hobby into a full-blown million dollar business. He established KV Social as a business that specializes in providing online and offline companies with a complete suite of social media marketing solutions.
How Content Gorilla Works And How You Can Profit From It
There are some software that would allow us to download the subtitles on youtube … but the text does not contain any punctuation or formatting. And we’ve had to spend so much time formatting, punctuating, grammar fixing, and then posting the material.
This is where Neil Napier’s Content Gorilla comes into play. It’s a instrument that would not only allow me to literally convert any video on YouTube to a blog post, but it will also format and solve any content grammar problems … And even publish the post in a matter of seconds on our website.
In the information, you can convert a YouTube video to text with Content Gorilla Software, format that text automatically, add appropriate pictures to make it look attractive and then publish it on your website. In less than 60 seconds, all that. You can optimize, solve grammar problems, spin the content and add even more pictures to your article in another 60 seconds.
The “3 Steps” Process For Success
With the three-step method of content gorilla, building content is as easy as it can be;
  1. Search the video
  2. Convert it into a post
  3. Publish
Get the product here.
How You Can Use Content Gorilla To Make Money Online
Now you know that Content Gorilla allows you to convert Youtube videos into blog posts.
So, basically, to make money online with this product you just need to create a blog and create valuable articles with the right tags (you can grab tags used in the video you searched).
You can convert 1 video to a blog post in 60 seconds…
… so 30 blog posts every 30 minutes…
… 60 blog posts every 60 minutes…
Imagine if… for every article you share, you send people to an affiliate product …
… you make TONS of money!
Full access… here.



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